Memory People™ Private Social Group on Facebook created by Rick Phelps


 Rick Phelps Private Social Group on Facebook

Memory People™

A small group of  folks with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, along with their caregivers and loved ones, united behind Rick Phelps in a “social group” on Facebook. It seems like it was only a short while ago but their numbers have swelled into the thousands with no end in sight.

 If you’re a caregiver or have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia and would like to join this group, simply visit the companion page Memory People Fan Page at Facebook and they will help you to find the Memory People Group. It is a “closed group,” which allows for privacy and the freedom to speak as you please.

Rick Phelps was diagnosed with EOAD (Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease) at a young age and has become an advocate and “man on a mission” to raise awareness to Alzheimer’s.

Rick’s Videos are posted at this site along with a short bio at  “Living with Alzheimer’s”

For the anniversary of their second month and with only 200 members,  their excitement was infectious. At that time Rick said: “We at Memory People™ have a huge announcement to make–we are nearing the acceptance of our 200th Member to Memory People™. Our goal to raise awareness to Alzheimer’s has been a huge success so far.

We have only been in existence for two short months and have already grown to these numbers with members from all over the world. Members have joined our group from  Canada, Nova Scotia, England, Australia, the UK, and all over America. We couldn’t be happier by what we have accomplished in these two short months.

Together, we are each going to release three balloons with purple ribbons on the same day, all over the world, to bring Awareness to Alzheimer’s. We are just beginning. We are changing the way people look at this disease by bringing Awareness to it.

If you know someone fighting this disease– family member, or caregiver, and they would like to join us at Memory People™ they need only send a friend request to me, Rick Phelps, I will see that they are accepted.” –Rick Phelps

And their mission of raising awareness continues! The membership is growing rapidly. Though  Memory People™ is a closed Group on Face-book, the only Face-book group of its kinds which offers support for Alzheimer’s. Please help us bring Awareness to this terrible disease…

Rick is not a physician nor advocate for any particular treatment for others. He is a person with Early On-Set Alzheimer’s who is documenting his own progress in the hopes of enlightening others about this disease and it’s symptoms.

Rick Phelps is Author of the Early On-set Alzheimer’s videos, found at You-Tube and on this site: Rick’s Alzheimer’s Videos – If you or someone you know has Alzheimer’s or is a loved one or Caregiver for an Alzheimer’s patient and would like to join this Closed Group at Facebook, send a “friend request” to: Rick Phelps — There are no other requirements to join Memory People


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  1. Sarah morris says

    I am a care worker in a residential home for individuals with dementia and I love it. I feel privileged to share a part in so many peoples lives, they give me far more than I could ever give them and for that I am so thankful. I think rick is a very brave and admirable man sharing his first hand experience of such a wicked illness to allow people like myself to have an insight . Thank u so much x

    • ~ Sandy says

      Hello Judi,
      I’m glad you could join us here. When I first started taking care of my Mom with dementia, I began by reading. I think I read everything I could find about Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Here, at Alzheimer’s Support, I try to answer many questions about behaviors and symptoms. There are Menus at the top of the page with many listings for articles about things you will encounter with your husband’s illness.

      I hope you enjoyed Rick Phelps’ Videos. They are so informative about this disease and how it makes the patient feel. If you’d like to join his group at Facebook.>>

      If you have a Facebook account, simply send a “Friend Request” to Rick Phelps. He will accept automatically. Then let him know that you would like to join Memory People. He will accept you into that group right away.

      I will check, right now, and if you have a Facebook account, I will add you to the list at Memory People. Then all you need do is Type: Memory People in the Search Box and it will take you there.

      If you have any issues at all, just post another question here.

      Thank you for requesting to join the group! We’ll be glad to have you there.

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