Keep Yourself Healthy after Retirement and Beyond


Keep Yourself Healthy after Retirement and beyond

To keep yourself healthy after retirement isn’t always the goal. Some folks think the point of retirement is to become inactive, kick-back and watch television all day for a couple months.

“A new review explored how people change their lifestyle habits when they stop working, and found that the personal situation of the retiree greatly influences whether someone becomes more or less healthy.” –


I first retired as I neared 60, but I had a home-business at the time so it wasn’t a real retirement. Still, I was concerned about all the usual health concerns: chocolate chip cookies and malted shakes for breakfast, a furry robe and soap-operas all day long. I was pretty certain my muscles might atrophy as I soaked up all that retirement leisure. Wrong!

Because I was home all day, my home-based-business flourished. Within months, I regretted my earlier decision to split-and-situate the business on either end of our ranch-style home so I would be sure to get enough exercise.

Big mistake! It seemed like a good idea at the time, fearing weight-gain from all those cookies and shakes.

But when I actually had to walk 100 miles a day just to run my little business, it became frustrating.

Retirement definitely Needs some Planning

We all know that finances can be an issue and requires some extra planning. But many are so relieved to walk away from the work force that they don’t give their health much thought.

Though you may be healthy at the time of retirement, physical and emotional changes will occur depending on how you choose to live, and what you choose to do with your time after retirement.

Some things need a schedule.

Do your Planning ahead of time 

1. Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet

There is no substitute for Good nutrition. We all need a healthy, balanced diet that will provide adequate calories and nutrients to keep us healthy and functioning at our best. It might be easiest to keep your regular routine from your working days where food is concerned. Don’t skip meals as that only encourages snacking.

And, if you’re like me…

Snacking means; Twinkies, Cheetos or anything in the cabinet that’s either crunchy or chocolate.

Actually, you may no longer need those large meals that sustained you through long workdays. After retirement you probably won’t be burning the same amount of calories as before.

If you eat the same large meals without the same activity, it could create a weight problem. Try 5/6 smaller, lighter meals each day, which are easier on your digestion as well.

2. Stay Active

If you aren’t like me with a silly home-business in rooms separated by the great-divide, retirement can lead to less activity than you are accustom to.  In turn, less activity means stiffer joints, weaker muscles and less mobility.

Daily activity, whether it be walking, running, jogging or working out in a gym, is a necessity. A body in motion stays in motion and this holds true as you age. You must keep moving. Staying physically active helps us avoid slowing down and encourages good overall health.

Look into exercise classes for senior citizens. Find a Silver Sneakers class near you. They are available in many Gyms and most YMCA’s. Some Medicare Supplements offer FREE registration for the Silver Sneakers program.

The latest dance work-outs can be fun as well, if your health permits. There are dance videos for most of the game units; Xbox, Wii, Playstation. Find something that holds your interest, try new things, and go places that will help you to stay active. Keeping your core muscles strong is a must-have for good balance and posture. Exercise keeps you healthier and Feeling Better too!

3. Stay Sociable

Even if you no longer work outside the home, you still need the companionship of friends, family and loved ones. Stay Active. Join a Club. Go to church.

Walk every day whether you need a walker for support, or a treadmill for indoors, keep active.

Surround yourself with good friends, a good support network and loving family that will be there for you. Practice being a good friend to others in return and you’ll have a pleasurable retirement and beyond!



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