It's common to have many questions when a loved one has dementia.

You will find answers here for many of your questions.

Do Those with dementia have Aphasia?

Aphasia- Word-Confusion

Do those with dementia have Aphasia? Aphasia is an inability to understand or use words for communication. This includes spoken and written words and can be a devastating illness since it also affects writing and reading. Since someone with dementia also has problems with words and conversation, you might think everyone with dementia has Aphasia. […]

Caring for Aging Parents – It looks hard but not Impossible

Caring for aging parents – it looks hard but not impossible Nobody wants to see their parents decline in their older years. Our parents have been the strong ones in our lives, and it can be heartbreaking to see them starting to lose physical or mental capacity. Parents usually don’t want to admit this either, […]

Fashionable Incontinence Products are finally available


It can be difficult when a loved one becomes incontinent. My Mom was mortified the first time she couldn’t hold it while we were in a busy shopping mall. But it happens! It happens to many folks besides those with dementia. Mom needed quite a bit of reassuring and consoling on that day. If your […]

Alzheimers dementia is it Really Affected by Vitamins and which ones?


Vitamin D is one of the vitamins that have been found through studies to Lower Alzheimer’s Risk Sometimes we forget how important Vitamin D can be. Since it’s easily absorbed into our body through lots of sunshine, and also found in the foods we eat, we don’t keep track of how much we actually get. But if […]