5 Ways to Be Ready for the Holidays and Special Occasions with dementia


Sometimes it’s difficult to be Ready for the Holidays when someone in the house has dementia.

As I planned a post about holiday behavior and caregiver caution during this holiday season, I saw this wonderful post from Frena Gray Davidson, author of “Speaking Dementia

Frena always sees care-giving through kind and thoughtful eyes and understands that holidays can be different for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

“You must see the world as they do on this wonderful day of celebration,” says Frena Gray Davidson.

Frena’s list for a super holiday on the 4th of july goes like this: and personally, I think this list suits every other holiday as well.

Five Things to remember to Be Dementia-Ready for the Fourth of July:

  1. Remember to warn the person you’re caring for that fireworks may happen. Dementia makes people very sound-sensitive, so you don’t want them to be startled and get upset. Lean close, hold their hand (if they accept that) 
  2. Carry snacks for munchies
  3. Know they’ll probably get exhausted long before you, so have a plan of escape for them
  4. Physical touch, holding, contact — all very reassuring for most people with dementia
  5. Don’t forget to thank them for being there with you and tell them how glad you are — do you know how seldom people with dementia hear those kind words?



Frena Gray-Davidson has worked with those who have dementia for more than 20 years. She’s a best selling author and is internationally recognized for her care-giver training workshops.

Frena often says that if you only listen, the person you love is still inside the person with dementia.  With this book she shares new ways to listen and find your loved one within. “Speaking Dementia” is  compassionate, practical and filled with solutions for many problems between caregiver and the person with dementia.

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