The Stages of Alzheimers dementia


7 The Seventh and Last Stage of Alzheimer’s dementia

If you've read the 7 Stages of Alzheimers, you realize there are obvious degrees of decline through this disease. Sometimes the decline is exhilarated by a hospital stay, a surgery, a particular medication, anything out of the ordinary. But the normal progression of this disease is to the last stage, Stage Seven. Then there is a total disconnect between brain and body. The patient takes to there … [Read More...]

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Common Questions about dementia


Would you really want to know if Alzheimer’s was in your future?

A new Alzheimer's study has provided evidence that a bio-marker test can be used to reliably determine an Alzheimer's disease diagnosis much earlier than previously thought. The fascinating news about this article is that a diagnosis can be made from spinal fluid before many symptoms have appeared. After a 5 year-follow up, the study predicted 100% of patients with mild cognitive impairment … [Read More...]

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A Digital Clock, Watch or Calendar to Keep Time with Dementia

Can Someone with Alzheimer’s dementia tell time Before Mom’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis she lived alone and called me first thing every morning to ask what day it was.  Actually, she sometimes called 5 or 6 times in the morning to learn the day, date and time. After awhile, it became a real nuisance. I knew mom […]


Dementia Behind the Wheel

Dementia Behind the Wheel I almost feel like I’m on a soapbox today and don’t mean to be “preachy.” But Wait– maybe I do want to be “preachy.” I know for sure I want to be heard! In the last couple days, I’ve heard multiple family members profess their love for someone with dementia only […]

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