The Stages of Alzheimers dementia


Is This The Beginning of Alzheimer’s Disease or… What City is this anyway?

The Beginning of Alzheimer's Disease My mother was in her late 70's when her second husband passed away. The time and photo of her, with my son, was 10 years before her diagnosis. Her first marriage had not been a happy one but this second mating was perfect.  Mom enjoyed a full and happy life for 15 years with her second husband,  a kind and caring man. They traveled the East Coast, sights … [Read More...]

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Common Questions about dementia


Incontinence may be an Issue for those with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Incontinence may be an issue with dementia Loss of bladder or bowel control often becomes an issue for those with Alzheimers Dementia. My Mom never had this problem but I did notice that as her memory failed, she found it more difficult to make it to the bathroom in a timely fashion and did have accidents. Many friends in the "Group Home" where mom lived the last few years of her life did have … [Read More...]

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Medi-Cal Planning For Skilled Nursing Home Care in California

One of the greatest fears of elderly Americans is that they may require nursing home care. This not only means a great loss of personal autonomy, but also a tremendous financial price. Depending on location and level of care, nursing homes cost between $35,000 and $150,000 per year. Most people end up paying for nursing […]


What to do when someone with Alzheimer’s has an Illness or Accident

What to do when someone with Alzheimer’s suffers an Illness or Accident — If someone with Alzheimer’s has an illness or accident, it can be a trying time for the patient and the caregiver. No matter how well you monitor their behavior or actions or visitors, accidents happen and germs spread. The odds are, they […]

The Caregiver

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