The Stages of Alzheimers dementia


Is This The Beginning of Alzheimer’s Disease or… What City is this anyway?

The Beginning of Alzheimer's Disease My mother was in her late 70's when her second husband passed away. The time and photo of her, with my son, was 10 years before her diagnosis. Her first marriage had not been a happy one but this second mating was perfect.  Mom enjoyed a full and happy life for 15 years with her second husband,  a kind and caring man. They traveled the East Coast, sights … [Read More...]

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Common Questions about dementia

Alzheimers Signs Symptoms and Affects

Alzheimers Signs Symptoms and Affects ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE Steven Godlewski - Author Alzheimers disease robs you of intellectual and social abilities and interferes with regular life. About 4.5 million Americans have Alzheimers Disease. The disease usually affects seniors over the age of 65. As the population ages this number is expected to quadruple. There is no cure for Alzheimers … [Read More...]

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Medicating the person with Alzheimer’s –and Why?

Medicating the person with Alzheimer’s – Should we, or not? Some Medications available for the person with Alzheimer’s and what they do? Since Alzheimer’s disease is commonly a slow process, the disease affects people differently and therefore individuals respond to different treatments uniquely. Currently, there is no drug or treatment program that stops the progression […]


Alzheimer’s Dementia Hospitalization Wristband Project Accepted in Florida

Hopitalization Wristband Project I am so excited about the Hospitalization Wristband Project and the success Gary LeBlanc has had with the Brooksville Regional Hospital in Hernando County, Florida – Congratulations to Gary Joseph LeBlanc and all his efforts to see this project come to life. “If a patient comes into the hospital with a prior diagnosis […]


Rick Phelps Speaks out in Video “What Alzheimer’s Means to Me”

This is an ongoing Video Series created by Rick Phelps. Rick is an EOAD (Early-Onset Alzheimer Disease) patient but instead of fading away with this disease Rick has done something different, very different. Rick has decided to make videos and record the affects of this disease on him and, perhaps, bring awareness and education about […]

The Caregiver

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The Famous Faces of Alzheimer’s

Famous Faces of Alzheimer's We often feel alone if we are a caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer's. And even more alone if we are diagnosed with Alzheimer's our self. When my mom began showing … [Read More...]

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