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Is This The Beginning of Alzheimer’s Disease or… What City is this anyway?

The Beginning of Alzheimer's Disease My mother was in her late 70's when her second husband passed away. The time and photo of her, with my son, was 10 years before her diagnosis. Her first marriage had not been a happy one but this second mating was perfect.  Mom enjoyed a full and happy life for 15 years with her second husband,  a kind and caring man. They traveled the East Coast, sights … [Read More...]

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Common Questions about dementia


What is Sundowning for the Person with Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

What is Sundowning (aka night terrors) why does it leave you exhausted the next day Some "Sundowners" symptoms which plague mid-stage Alzheimer's or Dementia patients are so severe they are often called night terrors. Recently, while attempting to help a friend with these fitful, terror-filled nights, another friend suggested Visualizations. With little more instruction than for our friend to … [Read More...]

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This Study shows Caregivers live longer than Non-Caregivers? There must be a mistake

Caregivers Live Longer? During several years of studying the differences between caregivers and non-caregivers in four locations, Dr. Lisa Fredman, a Boston University epidemiologist, and her colleagues found that while caregivers were indeed more stressed, they still had lower mortality rates than non-caregivers over eight years of follow-up. I was totally surprised when I read […]


Lewy Body Dementia A Common Brain Disease Explained

Lewy Body Dementia Learn about Lewy body dementia, a surprisingly common type of brain disorder that causes changes in the ability to think and move. The two main types—dementia with Lewy bodies and Parkinsons’ disease dementia—differ in the earliest signs. This 40-page booklet helps people with LBD, their families, and professionals learn more about the […]



REVIEWS FOR TOP MEDIC ALERT SYSTEMS Many readers have asked about the various Medic-Alert Systems available right now. Making a good choice for you can be confusing with so many offering this service. But if you have a loved one who is still living at home alone, this extra measure of safety may be a […]

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