The Stages of Alzheimers dementia


Is This The Beginning of Alzheimer’s Disease or… What City is this anyway?

The Beginning of Alzheimer's Disease My mother was in her late 70's when her second husband passed away. The time and photo of her, with my son, was 10 years before her diagnosis. Her first marriage had not been a happy one but this second mating was perfect.  Mom enjoyed a full and happy life for 15 years with her second husband,  a kind and caring man. They traveled the East Coast, sights … [Read More...]

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Common Questions about dementia


Do you know the Symptoms for Alcohol related dementia?

DO YOU KNOW THE SYMPTOMS FOR ALCOHOL RELATED DEMENTIA? Do you know the symptoms for alcohol related dementia-- or did you know such a  diagnosis existed? I was surprised, myself. Shocking findings are now indicating that drinking alcohol – even in moderation – can cause Alzheimer’s in later life. A study reported by the BBC, monitored 1,300 women over the course of 20 years and discovered … [Read More...]

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List of Best Books for Young Children when a Loved One has Alzheimers dementia

Best Books for Young Children about Alzheimer’s List of Best Books for young Children who live or visit with an adult who has Alzheimer’s dementia or other Memory Loss. As we all know, Children tend to blame themselves for everything. If a loved one has Alzheimer’s it must be their fault. If it isn’t their […]

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